The hair coat characteristics of cattle are important factors that affect the ability of an animal in supporting the tropical environment. Many reports have been published on the relationship between coat type and body temperature regulation, especially under the effects of solar radiation (Cena and Monteith, 1975; Hutchinson and Brown, 1969). Selection for production characteristics associated with that for physical characteristics of the coat would increase the fitness of Holstein cattle and  may be considered as an interesting way for the genetic improvement of dairy cattle in tropical areas. This is the objective of the present study, in evaluating the genetic and environmental variation of the effective radiative and other properties of the coat in animals of that breed living in a tropical region

A. SC Maia, E. CA Bertipaglia, R. G Silva

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2002. Session 12, , 12.18, 2002
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