Tenderness of beef is a primary determinant of consumer satisfaction.  Sixty-four percent of participants in a Canadian study  (Jeremiah et al., 1993) chose tenderness as the primary criterion of satisfaction versus 20% for flavour and 11% for leanness.  Several studies have shown that a considerable proportion of beef steaks do not satisfy consumers, for example Roeber, et al. (2001).  It is known that marbling level influences the juiciness and flavour of beef, and to a lesser extent, tenderness.  However, there is considerable variation in tenderness that is independent of marbling.  Quantifying and utilizing this variation to identify and select breeding stock with superior genetics for tenderness has the potential to improve customer satisfaction and increase beef market share. 

C. JB Devitt, J. W Wilton, I. B Mandell, T. L Fernandes, S. P Miller

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2002. Session 11, , 11.34, 2002
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