Genetic parameters of laying hens were usually estimated based on individual observations from hens, housed in single cages. But in commercial egg production farms, hens are commonly kept in group cages. To avoid genotype and environment interactions between these different housing types, breeding hens can also be tested in group cages. Especially important is the magnitude of genetic correlation between single and group observation. Several studies have been conducted to estimate genetic parameter on monthly egg production in single cages (Saadeh et al., 1967, Engstroem et al., 1986, Savas, 1998, Anang et al., 2001), but those based on data available in single as well as in group cages are rare. This study was conducted to estimate the heritability and genetic correlation between monthly egg production and egg weight of White Leghorn in single and group cages.

V. MA Nurgiartiningsih, N. Mielenz, Rudolf Preisinger, L. Schueler

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2002. Session 18, , 18.17, 2002
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