Feed intake has been used for assessing feed conversion, feed efficiency, and residual feed intake of beef cattle. However, little information is available on the optimum period to evaluate feed intake of beef cattle.  Studies by Archer et al. (1997) and Archer and Bergh (2000), for instance, investigated the minimum duration of test required to provide an accurate measure of feed intake through several analyses with progressively increased test lengths obtained by including extra feed intakes. The optimum length of test and genetic and environmental parameters of feed intake could be assessed using random regression (RR) models. Recently, two publications by Schnyder et al. (2001a) and Schnyder et al. (2001b) have demonstrated the feasibility of applying RR models to feed intake of pigs. 

Flavio S Schenkel, C. JB Devitt, J. W Wilton, S. P Miller, J. Jamrozik

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2002. Session 10, , 10.25, 2002
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