The growth of heifers influences the performance of cows. A high milk performance connected with a sound health regarding metabolism and a sufficient fertility in dairy cows depends on a well balanced distribution of energy in the body. The insulin has a central position in the regulation of the energy-metabolism in cattle. There are close relations between the insulin as a controlling and glucose as controlled parameter. The glucose-level in the ruminants blood is kept almost constant at 35 - 55 mg Glucose/100 ml for the undisturbed course of body-functions (Kirchgessner, 1997). Extensive investigations of Staufenbiel (1993) prove the balance between catabolism and anabolism particularly in the fat-metabolism. The measurement of the insulin-reaction during the induced stressing of the metabolism is one possibility for the quantification of the cattles’ metabolic ability of reaction (Burkert, 1998). A stress situation takes place by the intravenous injection of hormones or metabolites like GRF, adrenaline, arginine, glucagone und glucose (Mackenzie et al., 1988 ; Reinicke et al., 1993 ; Løvendal et al., 1995 ; Burkert 1998 ; Sørensen et al., 2000 ; Panicke et al., 2001a ; Panicke et al., 2001b). There are no continuous investigations with a wide spectrum of traits for cattle of different age classes or same and or similar animals over a period longer than five years. The function of insulin may be recorded by means of the intravenous glucose tolerance test (GTT). The aims of the investigation are the derivation of suitable parameters for young sires by the indirect performance test, the estimation of heritability coefficients and the correlation coefficients connected to the estimated breeding value ( EBV ) and the survey of the age at the time of testing for an additional contribution to the assessment of breeding bulls before the conventional offspring's test start

L. Panicke, E. Fischer, R. Staufenbiel, Z. Reklewski

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2002. Session 11, , 11.31, 2002
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