Additive genetic (co)variances for carcass weight (CW), carcass fatness (CF) and carcass conformation (CC) in a multiple breed Holstein and Friesian population, were estimated with a the multitrait random regression (RR) model, using RR coefficients on first order Legendre polynomials of Holstein fraction, to account for heterogeneity of genetic variances along the breed composition trajectory. Additive genetic variances were considerably different across the breed composition trajectory for CW and CF. Additive genetic correlations within each trait decreased from unity across the breed composition trajectory. Additive genetic correlations across traits even changed in direction along the breed composition trajectory.

J. M Hickey, Mario PL Calus, A. R Cromie, M. G Keane, P. Brophy, Roel F Veerkamp

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 24.14, 2006
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