Bulls of Czech Pied cattle entering insemination are tested for own growth at performance-test stations. Bulls are filled into stations continually all year round therefore contemporary groups consist of animals in different phases of growth. A total of 74 558 weight records of 6,508 bulls weighed in 30-day intervals until 420 days of age were available. Body weight and daily gain since the preceding weighing were analyzed by weighted analysis with Legendre polynomials (LP) and linear spline (SP) functions, both with 5 parameters. Heritability of daily gain is low but heritability of cumulative gain derived from daily-gain estimates is greater than of final weight. Components of variance for LP and SP are similar, however depressions are visible between some knots in a SP curves, and those points need to be carefully selected.

J. Pribyl, H. Krejcova, J. Pribylova, Ignacy Misztal, J. Bohmanova

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 25.12, 2006
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