This analysis examines the approach of allocating normalised scores to competition data and applies the method to data from the cross country phase of eventing data. A multitrait sire model was used. Heritabilities of 0.030.01, 0.040.01, 0.030.01 and 0.100.01 were predicted for cross country ability at pre novice (XCP), novice (XCN), intermediate (XCI) and advanced (XCA) level, respectively. Genetic correlations of 0.480.23, 0.930.20 and 0.99 were predicted between XCP and XCN, XCN and XCI and XCI and XCA, respectively. These results are similar to those shown the literature on the use of normalised scores for showjumping horses. This is the first time that genetic parameters have been obtained for the cross country discipline in sport horses and the use of normal scores is novel to the analysis of eventing data.

C. GS Kearsley, S. Brotherstone, Mike P Coffey, John A Woolliams

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 08.08, 2006
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