We demonstrate a targeted approach, based on the concept of genetical genomics, applied to a pilot study in poultry. It is a focused study of a marked QTL, in this case one affecting body weight segregating in an inter-cross of a broiler and layer chickens. QTL genotypes were inferred on flanking markers and RNA from breast tissue of birds with alternative QTL genotypes was hybridized onto microarrays. The microarray analyses showed 45 (895) differentially expressed genes at an FDR of 5% (20%). Differentially expressed gene sequences were searched against the chicken genome and compared against different organisms. This approach can be used to discover genes which may have an important role in the genetic control mechanism underlying a particular trait affected by a QTL.

C. P Cabrera, I. Dunn, M. Fell, P. Wilson, Dave W Burt, D. Waddington, R. Talbot, P. M Hocking, A. Law, Chris S Haley, Sara A Knott, D. J de Koning

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 23.13, 2006
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