Traits that are now considered novel will be recorded and incorporated into selection in future. The definition of novel traits is not yet documented, heritabilities not generally published and economic values not available. These are surmountable hurdles. As breeding goals become broader, relative emphasis on production will reduce and traits included (novel or otherwise) that may not have similar heritability and that may be correlated with each other. These complex indices will be used by increasingly competent breeders and tools to assist in making best use of the information will be required. Traits may be recorded using novel techniques such as remote sensing. Genetic markers have the potential to improve selection response in traits that are difficult to measure. If not included appropriately, they also have the potential to introduce unexpected and unwanted correlated responses. Consumers and policy makers will increasingly influence relative economic values used in dairy cattle breeding.

Mike P Coffey, E. Wall, R. Mrode, S. Brotherstone

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.06, 2006
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