Saba pig synthetic line is constituted of 3 specialized lines, which bred from 1 Yunnan local pig breed, Saba pig (L) and 2 introduced pig breeds, French Landrace (L) and Yorkshire (Y). The parental generation, L * S sows and the commercial generation pigs, Y * L * S have both the virtues of Saba pig, such as prolificacy, good meat quality, strong adaptability and the characteristics of introductive pig breeds, such as faster growth speed, lower feed consumption and higher carcass meat percentage. It is a good synthetic line to make full use of existing pig breeds and feedstuff resources to develop characteristic pig industry, and improve the efficiency of pig production in those developing areas like Chinese Yunnan.

Lian LinSheng, Lu ShaoXiong, Yan DaWei

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.41, 2006
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