Respectively 46 and 17 different genes where shown to be differentially expressed in pig skeletal muscles Longissimus Dorsi and SemiMembranosus, selected for their extreme shear force (LD) or meat color L* values in a 1,000 F2 pig population. Among these differentially expressed genes, 15 colocalized within 4 groups of 5, 4, 4 and 6 genes. QTL were detected using the same population in overlapping areas on SSC1 (143 cM), SSC3 (48 cM), SSC6 (63 cM) and SSC12 (74 cM) for meat pH 24 h p.m. This suggests a model of regional organisation of most genes involved in pathways regulating pH meat value, and therefore colocalization as well of the different DNA polymorphims underlying genetic variation for this trait.

P. Cherel, J. Pires, J. Glenisson, M. Damon, A. Vincent, L. Liaubet, V. Lobjois, F. Hatey, D. Milan, Pascale Le Roy

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.18, 2006
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