Farrowing traits were recorded in 47 Meishan, 605 Large White, 55 Duroc * Large White and 160 Laconie sows. Several kinetics traits, sow weight, litter size and weights were considered. Multivariate analyses, i.e., between-breed and within-breed principal component analyses were performed on residuals obtained from linear models. Most of the variability was accounted for by within-breed variation (97%). Stillbirth was mainly associated with farrowing duration and heterogeneity in weight was observed in litters with light piglet. The proximity between the four breed patterns was highlighted with a multiple factorial analysis. However, weight heterogeneity and stillbirth had a lower importance in the Meishan breed. Meishan sows significantly spread out from the French breeds (p<0.0001) due to a lower weight at farrowing, lighter piglets and fewer stillbirths, which occurred independently from time of birth.

D. Laloe, L. Canario, Y. Billon, J. P Bidanel

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.39, 2006
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