Cow and calf relationship associated with the incidence of retained placenta, and the effect of inbreeding on dairy cow diseases was evaluated by linear model and logistic regression methods. Information from the University of Tennessee Experiment Station Jersey herd (Lewisburg, TN) was utilized in the study. Mean relationship between calf and dam when a retained placenta was observed and not observed was not different (P>0.05). Cows' inbreeding coefficients with and without retained placenta events trended towards significance (P=.12). Other than udder edema and scours, inbreeding was not different between cows that exhibited the diseases and those that did not. Inbreeding rates were generally less than 12% in the dataset. Results do not rule out a stronger influence on diseases at higher inbreeding levels.

K. J Stalder, A. M Saxton, Paul J Boettcher, D. A Stiles, H. H Dowlen, T. V Serenius

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.81, 2006
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