A segregating quantitative trait locus for conception rate was detected on chromosome 7 in the Israeli Holstein population. DNA of 11 Israeli-Holstein sires and 6047 of their putative daughters were analyzed by the daughter design. The animals were genotyped for 24 microsatellites spanning the chromosome. The peak of the interval mapping test statistic located at position 29 cM was significant at P<0.001, and the 95% confidence interval spanned positions 15.5 to 30 cM. Two sire families out of seven analyzed in this chromosomal region were heterozygous for the quantitative trait locus. Arias and Kirkpatrick (2004) found effects on multiple ovulations and twinning rate in the same region of chromosome 7 based on analysis of a diverse USDA research population selected for these traits. It is likely that the same quantitative trait locus was detected in both populations.

J. I Weller, S. Reikhav, M. Golik, E. Seroussi, M. Ron

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 22.09, 2006
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