A Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) analysis of growth data from a F2 generation experimental cross between Brazilian naturalized Piau and commercial pig breeds is presented. The growth traits analyzed were body weight at birth, 21, 42, 63, 77 and 105 days of age, as well as feed intake, feed gain ratio and average daily gain from 77 to 105 days of age and slaughter weight. Animals were typed for a total of 13 microsatellite markers covering the pig chromosome 4 and significant QTL (P<0.05) affecting growth at 21 days of age were found in two different positions (45 and 99 cM).

K. M Silva, S. EF Guimaraes, P. S Lopes, M. VGB Silva, M. S Pereira

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 22.60, 2006
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