A genome-wide scan was performed in Large White (LW) and French Landrace (FL) pig populations in order to identify QTL affecting reproduction and production traits. This experiment was based on a granddaughter design, including 5 LW and 3 FL families identified in the French porcine national database. Animals were genotyped for 144 microsatellite markers. Three production and three reproduction traits were considered. Ten QTL were detected with a chromosome-wide significance level of 5%, for average backfat thickness (SSC2, 3, 17) and live weight (SSC4) at the end of the on farm test, and for the number of stillborn piglets (SSC6, 11, 14) and of living piglets born (SSC7, 16, 18) per litter.

T. Tribout, N. Iannuccelli, T. Druet, H. Gilbert, J. Riquet, R. Gueblez, M. J Mercat, J. P Bidanel, D. Milan, Pascale Le Roy

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.20, 2006
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