Calving difficulty and stillbirth in Swedish Holstein (SLB) and Swedish Red (SRB) cattle were compared in order to improve methods to reduce calving problems by selection. SLB-heifers showed a high and strongly increasing rate of stillbirth, whereas SLB cows and both heifers and cows of SRB had a low prevalence. Genetic parameters of SLB heifer calvings differed considerably from the other three groups. Genetic correlations between direct and maternal effects were small; between heifer and cow results they were moderate in SLB but high in SRB. Large variation was shown among SLB bulls based on heifer data, whereas much smaller variation was found among cows and in SRB. It is concluded that heifer and cow calving traits are different in SLB, but not in SRB, which should be reflected in genetic evaluations.

J. Philipsson, L. Steinbock, K. Johansson

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.24, 2006
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