Patterns of differential gene expression were examined in liver and cardiac muscle in a 4*4 diallel crosses chicken population at 8 and 14 weeks old using DDRT-PCR method. Four patterns of differential gene expression were revealed: UNF1, ABF1, ABP and UNP. The least pattern was ABF1 (bands absent only in the hybrid F1) and the most prominent was ABP pattern (bands absent only in the parental P1 or P2 lines). Statistical analysis revealed that the effect of gene expression patterns on the proportion of animal with gene expression patterns were significant at P<0.0001, and the distribution of the four gene expression patterns were not even in current population. Each pattern of gene expression was possibly related to corresponding genetic effects of gene expression which could associated with heterosis.

Yu Ying, Sun DongXiao, Wang YaChun, Wang Dong, Chu Qin, Xu RuHai, Zhang Yuan

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 07.31, 2006
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