This study compared direct and indirect predictions of the genetic merit of profit obtained from multi-trait analysis and selection index, respectively. Profit traits were net income per year (PROF1), PROF1/energy requirement and PROF1 minus feed costs. Growth and carcass traits were average daily gain during the feedlot period, carcass weight, longissimus muscle area, rib thickness, subcutaneous fat thickness and marbling score. Correlations between direct and indirect predictions were estimated based on estimated breeding values (EBV) of sires and dams with progeny records. The correlations between EBV for same profit traits from direct and indirect predictions were high and ranged from 0.818 to 0.846 based on EBV of sires and from 0.786 to 0.798 based on EBV of dams. Direct selection for profit traits is recommended.

Alexander K Kahi, T. Oguni, Y. Sumio, H. Hirooka

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 03.48, 2006
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