In Finland, private rainbow trout production is divided in two product sectors: production of large maturing fish whose highly valued caviar and fillets are both marketed (GROWTH-line), and production of large immature fish with high quality fillet (DELAYED MATURITY-line). To satisfy demand for these products, Finnish national breeding programme has one selection line selected especially for fast growth (GROWTH-line), and another line selected for delayed maturity age (DELAYED MATURITY-line). Here we show that after one generation of divergent selection, genetic gain in body weight of GROWTH-line has been 6%. Frequency of early maturing fish was 1.7 times lower in the DELAYED MATURITY-line. The results reveal strong favourable genetic responses to divergent selection of growth and maturity age.

O. Ritola, T. Paananen, A. Kause

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 09.14, 2006
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