The effect of inbreeding on estimated breeding values of Iran Holsteins for the first lactation milk and fat yields were examined. Breeding values were estimated using animal model with and without inclusion of inbreeding coefficient as a covariate in the model. Simple and rank correlations were calculated between estimates to investigate the effect of inbreeding. Correlations between estimated breeding values and between ranks of animals for milk and fat yields from models with and without inbreeding coefficient were near unity (0.999 and 0.996, respectively). However, the differences between estimated breeding values of milk and fat yield were relatively substantial for animals with high inbreeding coefficient. These differences for cows were larger than bulls for both traits. Since the rate of inbreeding in this population is increasing, therefore it is suggested to be accounted for in the prediction of breeding values.

R. Tohidi, R. V Torshizi

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 24.29, 2006
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