A dataset of 501 Valle del Belice ewes with 5472 test-days from 796 lactations as well as PrP genotype information on codon 136, 154 and 171 was analysed using mixed models. The population of 1088 Valle del Belice animals had the following PrP allele frequencies: ARR (32.4%), AHQ (6.5%), ARH (1.1%), ARQ (58.7%) and VRQ (1.4%). An effect of the PrP gene in Valle del Belice dairy ewes on milk, fat and protein yields appears significant but doubtful because a single animal had a large effect on significance. No significant effect on fat and protein percentages and on somatic cell score was found. Selection to obtain resistant homozygous ARR/ARR animals is expected not to result in any production changes, because the ARR/ARR animals were producing on the population average.

J. BCHM van Kaam, R. Finocchiaro, D. O Maizon, M. Vitale, F. Vitale, S. Caracappa, B. Portolano

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 02.12, 2006
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