The Brazilian Embrapa Swine and Poultry National Research Center maintain a chicken breeding program for meat production since 1985. The Embrapa's poultry breeding program is important as research program for studies and development of new selection strategies; as conservation of genetic resources; and for training students. A few poultry breeding programs are still being maintained around the world under government resources. At Embrapa, after 1996, the White Rock broiler male line TT, used to generate the commercial broiler stocks Embrapa 021 and Embrapa 022, started to be selected through independent culling levels for breast area, in addition to body weight at 42 days of age, feed conversion from 43 to 49 days of age and fertility. The genetic gain made in live bird breast area was 14% in six generations. Changes in body weight, feed conversion and fertility were of smaller magnitude.

G. S Schmidt, E. AP Figueiredo, M. Ledur, V. S de Avila, G. N Scheuermann

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 07.10, 2006
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