The frequency and effects of IGF2 gene were studied for use of the gene in Canadian swine industry. As part of the ongoing research, DNA samples from 274 AI boars and 255 purebred pigs have been genotyped. The results showed that both the A and G alleles are segregating in Canadian swine population. The frequency of the G allele was 17.1% and 3.8%, respectively among Landrace and Yorkshire AI boars tested. It was as high as 23.9% in the purebred pigs tested. The purebred pigs were also tested for carcass and meat quality. Those with AA genotype had significantly lower backfat thickness, higher lean depth, larger loin eye area and longer loin eye muscle. However, the meat color was slightly lighter with the AA genotypes than with the GG genotypes. This gene has important practical implication for swine industries. The strategy and guideline to utilize the gene is in development.

Y. Liu, B. Sullivan, S. Chen, N. Buys, P. K Mathur

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.16, 2006
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