Electrical conductivity (EC) of milk is defined as an indicator of the udder health. Aims of this study were to estimate breeding values (EBV) for EC and to study their relation with somatic cell count. A total of 335 males and 975 females were genetically evaluated, using 204 cows with more than 450 individual records per cow. The average accuracy of EBV for EC per cow was equal to 76%. A flat genetic trend for EC was found, except for an increment of almost 1 unit of standard deviation in the last three years. Moreover, a moderate to high correlation between EBV between SCC and EC (0,68) suggests that EC might be considered an useful trait for evaluating elite cows in nucleus dairy herds or for including new traits in selection schemes for improving mammary health of dairy cows.

R. dal Zotto, M. Povinelli, L. Gallo, P. Carnier, M. Cassandro, G. Bittante

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.07, 2006
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