Heritabilities and genetic correlations based on group mean records were estimated, taking into account mortality. Three different definitions of group mean records, i.e. hen-housed production (HHP), HHP corrected for mortality (HHPc) and survivor hen production (SHP), were analysed in relation to SHP in single cages. The program VCE 5.1 based on the REML method for one-trait sire and two-trait animal-sire models were used to estimate variance and covariance components of cumulative egg production in single and group cages. Heritability estimates were highest for SHP in single cages (0.380.02), followed by SHP in group cages (0.220.02). HHP in group cages had the lowest heritabilities (0.080.02). High genetic correlations were found between SHP in single cages and HHPc and SHP in group cages.

N. Mielenz, V. MA Nurgiartinigsih, M. Schmutz, Rudolf Preisinger, L. Schuler

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 07.26, 2006
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