The correlation analysis was used to examine the relations between production traits and work operations in machine milking. The effects of birth-year, lactation, calving month, farm and milking operator (summarising the effects of different work operations in machine milking within a farm) on SCC were studied based on general linear models. The heritability of SCC for different breeds and lactations were found based on sire model. For statistical analysis the logarithm of SCC (LSCS) was used. Heritability of LSCS for Estonian Red cattle was 0.20; 0.35; 0.29 and for Estonian Holstein cattle 0.02; 0.28; 0.23, in the first, second and third lactation, respectively. From these results we can conclude that the heritability of milk SCC higher in later lactations.

H. Kiiman, E. Parna, T. Kaart

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.60, 2006
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