The current study aimed at estimating the correlated changes in meat technological parameters associated with selection for growth and at identifying first QTLs for meat traits, in two experimental chicken lines divergently selected for growth. The breast meat parameters had been modified by the divergent selection, since High Growth Line (HGL) birds exhibited a less colored meat (with lower redness and yellowness, and higher lightness) than Low Growth Line (LGL) birds. HGL birds also exhibited lower meat pH, at both 15 min and 24 h post-mortem. Two highly significant QTLs were detected on GGA11, at similar positions, for meat redness and yellowness. The alleles transmitted by LGL had positive effects on these colour parameters. Additional QTLs were also detected on GGA1 and GGA2 for meat pH and drip loss.

E. le Bihan-Duval, J. Nadaf, C. Berri, C. Arnould, F. Pitel, M. Duclos, C. Beaumont, A. Vignal, T. E Porter, Samuel E Aggrey, J. Simon, L. A Cogburn

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 07.16, 2006
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