Records on clinical mastitis defined as a binary trait (CM), no of clinical mastitis cases (NCM), non-return rate within 56 days (NR56), interval from calving to first insemination (CFI), no of services to conception (STC), and 305 day protein yield (PY305) from 620 492 first-lactation daughters of 3,064 Norwegian Red (NRF) sires were analysed. Genetic correlations between PY305 and all mastitis and fertility traits were unfavorable, with absolute values varying from 0.27 (NR56) to 0.45 (CFI). All the genetic correlations between mastitis and fertility were low to moderate favorable, highest between NCM and CFI (0.23) and close to 0 between CM and NR56.

I. M Andersen-Ranberg, B. Heringstad

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.20, 2006
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