A multiple-trait animal model (MM) for genetic evaluation is proposed, where each type trait is treated as two different traits; the classification scores in first and later lactations. The estimates of heritabilities ranged from 0.08 (mammary system) to 0.43 (stature) for first lactation and from 0.07 (foot angle) to 0.46 (stature) for later lactations. The genetic correlations between first and later lactations were estimated as extremely high at 0.90 or more, except mammary system (0.75) and udder depth (0.81). The correlations between breeding values of first lactation type traits estimated from MM and those estimated from single-trait model (SM) were at 0.93 or more for bulls and 0.91 or more for cows. The means of reliabilities of first lactation type traits estimated from MM were higher than those from SM.

T. Kawahara, Y. Gotoh, M. Suzuki, S. Yamaguchi

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.85, 2006
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