This paper reports the genetic gain after 7 generations of pure line selection and crossing the male line MM, selected primarily for egg production, with female line GG, selected primarily for egg weight and quality, both RIR. The SS line, used as sexing line, has been selected for egg production and egg weight. The genetic gain per generation, estimated from the applied selection index would be of zero change in mature body weight, -.54 days in age at first egg, .54 g in egg weight, and 2.70 eggs in total egg production in GG line. In MM line the expected genetic gain per generation would be zero, zero, zero and 3,96 and in SS -38.25 g, -7.65 days, zero and 3.82 eggs, respectively, for the same traits. The magnitude of the genetic progress made along the 7 generations of selection is larger in egg production than in egg weight.

E. AP Figueiredo, G. S Schmidt, M. Ledur, V. S de Avila, G. N Scheuermann

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 07.07, 2006
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