We have shown that fishy odour in chicken eggs is caused by a missense mutation in the chicken FMO3 gene. The mutation causes a threonine to serine substitution in an evolutionary highly conserved motif, which is speculated to belong to a substrate recognition pocket in mono-oxidases. The mutation is associated with elevated TMA levels (after specific feeding challenge) in three different commercial brown egg layer lines, and it is also found in diverse lines with "brown background". A common haplotype of FMO3 SNPs was identified in all three commercial brown layer lines, indicating a common origin for the taint in present-day brown layers. We have developed a gene test using feather samples to reveal the carriers of fishy taint disorder.

M. Honkatukia, Rudolf Preisinger, S. Weigend, J. Roito, M. Tuiskula-Haavisto, A. Maki-Tanila, J. Vilkki

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 07.03, 2006
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