Allergic eczema in Icelandinc horses is a hypersensitivity to biting insects. The aim of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for this condition. A questionnaire was used to collect information on allergic eczema in Icelandic horses born in Sweden 1991-2001. Records were available on 825 offspring from 33 sires. Of these, 8% showed symptoms of allergic eczema. Eczema was classified in four categories: healthy, mild, moderate and severe symptoms. Variance components were estimated using REML animal and sire models. The models included fixed effects of age and geographic location of the horse. The heritability for allergic eczema was estimated at 0.26 in the animal model, with similar results from the sire model. We conclude that genetic progress in this trait is possible.

K. Grandinson, L. Lindberg, S. Eriksson, S. Mikko, H. Brostrom, R. Frey, M. Sundquist, G. Lindgren

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 08.04, 2006
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