Genetic parameters for egg weight (EW), hatch weight (BWT0), body weights at 2 (BWT2), 4 (BWT4), 6 (BWT6) and 8 (BWT8) weeks of age were estimated in the indigenous chicken genetic resources in Kenya using a multi-trait sire model. Heritability estimates were 0.91, 0.11, 0.56, 0.37, 0.24 and 0.20 for EW, BWT0, BWT2, BWT4, BWT6 and BWT8, respectively. Genetic correlations were generally high, ranging from -0.4 to unity. Phenotypic correlations were low and ranged from -0.04 to 0.15. It is concluded that EW and juvenile body weights in the indigenous chicken in Kenya are heritable and can be improved through selective breeding.

M. Magothe, W. B Muhuyi, Alexander K Kahi

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 32.19, 2006
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