Genetic parameters of speed and placing (0/1) were estimated in Endurance races of horses using an animal model. Data comprised 3 years, 5333 measurements of speed, 9220 placing for 2804 different horses (20839 relatives) in 438 races from 90 km to 160 km. Different models, with and without a race effect, were tested. The best model included a race effect, heritability estimates for speed was 0.25, repeatability 0.45 when heritability was 0.16 without. Heritability estimates for placing using a threshold model and a Gibbs sampling estimate was 0.11. Genetic correlation between speed and placing was 0.82, with a low correlation between environmental effects (-0.38). Genetic correlation between results in races of different distances (90 km versus 120 and more) was nearly 1 indicated that the same trait is involved. So breeding values will be estimated using a two trait model (speed/placing) with a race effect and from races between 90 and 160 km.

A. Ricard, M. Touvais

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 08.07, 2006
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