Genetic parameters of litter productivity and piglet preweaning growth traits were estimated in a French Landrace population on a total of 1328 litters and 13609 piglets. The effects of piglet, mother and nurse genes on piglet growth were estimated. The analyses were carried out using REML methodology applied to multivariate animal models. Heritabilities of reproduction traits were low, below 0.10. Piglet genes explained less than 2% of the phenotypic variability of preweaning growth. Maternal effects globally explained 30% of this variability, of which 2/3 were of genetic origin. The effects of the foster mother were the most important during lactation and at weaning, but the effects of the genetic mother remained significant up to weaning. Litter size at birth showed a genetic antagonism with birth to weaning mortality and maternal effects on piglet growth rate during the lactating period.

A. Bouquet, L. Canario, B. Ligonesche, J. P Bidanel

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.09, 2006
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