Genetic parameters for milk (MP) and protein (PP) productions corrected to mature equivalent and 305 days of milking, adjusted somatic cell counts (SCC), first to second calving interval (CI) and age at first calving (AC) were estimated on Mexican Holstein cows. A set of univariate sire models was used to assess variances and a multi-trait sire model to estimate phenotypic and genetic correlations among all traits. Heritabilities for MP, PP, SCC, CI and AC were 0.210.02, 0.230.02, 0.050.01, 0.050.01 and 0.400.03, respectively. High positive genetic correlations between MP and PP (0.770.03), CI and AC (0.750.12) and moderate negative ones between CI and PP and SCC (-0.360.15 and -0.350.22, respectively) warrant the development of multi-trait economic indices.

F. Ruiz-Lopez, P. M Valencia, H. H Montaldo, H. Castillo-Juarez

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.78, 2006
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