With the availability of high-density marker maps, new selection methods utilize this information and probably provide faster genetic gain than that achieved by traditional selection. In this study both SNP and microsattelite markers using densities of 1 mrk/cM and 0,5 mrk/cM, respectively 4 mrk/cM, 1 mrk/cM and 0,5 mrk/cM are evaluated for their accuracy when estimating breeding values using marker effects only. The accuracy of estimating the breeding values increases as the density of the markers increases. Accuracies indicate that 1 microsattelite or 4-5 SNPs per cM seems sufficient in many cases. In general, the accuracies of selection are high, suggesting that it is possible to select animals for marker genotypes alone with high accuracy.

T. R Solberg, A. Sonesson, John A Woolliams, Theo HE Meuwissen

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 22.13, 2006
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