This study was conducted to investigate the influence of genotype * temperature-interactions on the reproduction traits of heavy broiler dams caused by different feathering genotypes induced by naked neck gene under different ambient temperatures. Under thermal stress the normally feathered hens (nana) in comparison with the naked neck genotype (NaNa) show clear performance depressions in egg production (63%), fertility (35%) and hatchability (3%) as components of reproductive performance and consequently in the complex trait number of chicks (72%). Under temperate ambient temperature, there were no differences in laying performance and fertility between both genotypes, with the exception of hatchability due to an increase in embryonic mortality as a result of the naked neck gene and consequently in the complex trait number of chicks.

A. R Sharifi, P. Horst, Henner Simianer

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 07.18, 2006
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