A genetic model for international genetic evaluations of the Icelandic Horse was introduced. 190 089 horses whereof 25 327 had records in 11 different countries were included in a multiple trait animal model BLUP procedure where the multiple trait complex involved 27 correlated traits and additional 4 uncorrelated traits. The computations were facilitated by use of a general canonical transformation approach which allows for missing traits and for different models for different traits. The results of the genetic evaluations are accessible to the breeders over an internet based website www.worldfengur.com. Genetic connectedness between the countries involved was estimated by computing the variance-covariance matrix of country/year estimates. The results indicated good genetic connectedness between countries, but the accuracy in the estimation of genetic level within country varies much due to variation in the number of horses recorded in different countries.

T. Arnason, A. Sigurdsson, J. B Lorange

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 24.16, 2006
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