QTL mapping is an essential tool for the understanding of the genetic basis of complex traits, including health and production traits in farm animals and disorders and quantitative risk factors for disease in animal and human populations. With the advent of microarrays, high-density multiple trait gene expression datasets are now prevalent. Paralleled with the availability of dense SNP marker maps for thousands of individuals this results in a computationally intensive and complex QTL mapping problem. The GridQTL project (http://www.gridqtl.org.uk) aims to build on the existing QTL Express web service (http://qtl.cap.ed.ac.uk) to provide an expanded and improved QTL analysis tool that harnesses Grid technologies to deal with greatly increased computational demands.

G. Seaton, J. Hernandez, J. A Grunchec, I. White, J. Allen, D. J de Koning, W. Wei, Donagh P Berry, Chris S Haley, Sara A Knott

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 27.07, 2006
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