A total of 2891 records of body length at 25 days of age (L25D) coming from 204 families of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) from a Mexican hatchery were used to estimate the heritability of this trait. Three replications of larvae per family were seed in buckets (BU) that were put at three different levels from the floor (LEV). Animal models were used with LEV as a fixed effect and BU as a random effect. Two models were used: M1 considered only the animal effect while M2 also included the maternal permanent environment effect. L25D mean (SD) was 1.03 cm (0.19). The h2 (s.e.) using M1 was 0.43 (0.05) and using M2 was 0.34 (0.09) while c2 (s.e) was 0.03 (0.03). The proportion of variation of BU with respect to the total variance (s.e.) for M1 was 0.33 (0.27) and for M2 was 0.34 (0.27). Statistically, there were no differences between the two models. The h2 for L25D shows that this trait could be included in selection programs, although it is recommended to estimate its relationship with other important traits.

G. Campos, H. H Montaldo, M. Arechavaleta, H. Castillo-Juarez

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 09.13, 2006
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