The length of a sow's productive life is a critical component to the financial success of a swine operation. Previous to this report, no studies have been focused on the genes controlling sow productive life. We report the use of comparative genomics and candidate genes to isolate genes affecting both the number of parities that a sow produces and the number of pigs she has born alive throughout her lifetime. IGFBP1 and SLC22A5 are both significantly associated with number of parities that a sow produces. Additionally, IGFBP1 is significantly associated with number of pigs born over a sow's productive life. These results are proof that there are genes causing variation in sow productive life and give promise to the use of marker assisted selection to improve sow productive life.

B. E Mote, T. Serenius, K. J Stalder, Max F Rothschild

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 22.22, 2006
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