Plant proteins are increasingly replacing fish meal in aquaculture diets. Effects of related genotype by environment interactions on a whitefish breeding programme were investigated. 1680 individuals from 70 families were allocated to either fish meal (FM) or soyabean meal-based (SBM) diets in a split-family design for a 3-month trial. Diet-specific genetic parameters of individual daily gain (DG), daily feed intake (DFI), and feed efficiency (FE) were estimated. The FM group had faster DG, lower DFI, and higher FE than the SBM group. DG and DFI were highly correlated and had moderate h2; FE had low h2. The same traits recorded in both diets had similar h2, and very high positive rA, which indicated that genotypes did not rerank across diets. Therefore, future diet changes should not harm the breeding programme.

C. D Quinton, A. Kause, J. Koskela

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 09.10, 2006
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