This study was conducted using 108 animals from a single flock of Appenninica sheep in Tuscany (Italy) from April to November 2004 in order to estimate the hereditary transmission of parasite resistance. Samples were processed 4 times during coprological (coccidia, gastrointestinal helminths including Nematodirus, Dicrocoelium, Moniezia, Strongyloides and Trichuris) and haematological (PCV) examinations. The heritability coefficients were rather low but not different from values reported elsewhere, ranging from zero (Dicrocoelium, Strongyloides and Trichuris) to 0.29 (coccidia). On the contrary, high repeatability values were observed ranging from 0.04 for Trichuris to 0.66 for strongylids.

G. Filippini, F. Aloisio, F. Cecchi, M. Biagetti, F. Macchioni, R. Ciampolini, G. Venditti, E. Ciani, E. Mazzanti, C. Sebastiani, D. Cianci

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 02.14, 2006
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