A semiparametric model using penalized splines methodology is used to fit the kinetics of gene expressions of two experiments in mice and pig. The hepatic gene expressions for two mice genotypes (wild-type and PPARalpha-/-) were measured at 11 time points during a post-prandial fasting period, and the gene expressions kinetics of 10 piglets were measured in skeletal muscle at 4 time points after intramuscular injection. The semiparametric model uses a mixed model representation and is easily implemented in standard statistical software. This article explores such a mixed-effects model by analyzing the time course gene expression data to select differential gene expressions and by performing curve clustering methods to group genes with similar profiles. The first results are in accordance with our current knowledge of the biological process.

C. Robert-Granie, A. Baccini, P. Besse, S. Dejean, P. J Ferre, L. Liaubet, P. GP Martin, M. San Cristobal

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 23.08, 2006
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