The objective of this study is to use Bayesian approach to fit the Wood's model for milk yield of Saanen goats. Data were 127 first, 49 second and 19 third lactation records of Saanen goats, with respective average age at kidding of 17, 36 and 49 months. The posterior marginal were obtained by Gibbs Sampler and parameter functions were calculated from posteriori means of these parameters. The results showed differences in the curve indicating that animals in second lactation were the most persistent. The Bayesian method was implemented successfully and was efficient in the study of the different lactation curves. The behavior of the lactation curve for different lactation number depended on initial production, the rate of production until peak, peak milk yield and persistency of lactation.

J. S Laranjo, T. M Goncalves, F. F Silva, A. LL Costa, M. AP Rodriguez, G. F Reboucas

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 02.16, 2006
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