The paper evaluated 6 breeding objectives traits, which based on the current situation of Chinese Merino sheep breeding, the production and market, and the development trend were also considered. Results of marginal benefit analysis indicated the total weight ratio was nearly 8:3:1 among wool traits, reproductive traits and growth traits. Wool traits were outstanding in Merino sheep. If hogg and ewes were considered respectively, the weight ratio of 3 kinds of traits in adult ewes would be in 16:11:1, the weight ratio in hogg would be in 5:4:1. In general, the weight of wool traits in ewes was larger, and had a high relative importance. On the other hand, although heritability of reproduction traits are very low, and have controversial relationships with the majority of production traits, we must take more attention to them, otherwise we would weaken the total breeding efficient. Multiple traits complex selection would be of benefit for acquiring the greatest breeding efficiency.

Tian KeChuan, Huang XiXia, Zhang Yuan, Zhang YanHua

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 05.18, 2006
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