Meta-model is either used in reanalysis of results from other models or it is a multi-trait model that combines traits that have different genetic models. This presentation reviews meta-models that are used to reanalyse records from elementary models (international genetic evaluations of dairy cattle, etc.) as well as multiple trait combination models (repeated records combined with non-repeated, etc.). At the end the Nordic random regression test day (TD) model for dairy cattle production traits is presented as an example of meta-model approach. Nordic evaluation model combines TD records and lactation records, defines different genetic variances, heritabilities and repeatabilities and phenotypic correlations in each country, but constraints genetic correlations to be the same on each country and unity across countries, and accepts repeated observations for some of the traits.

Esa A Mäntysaari

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 24.01, 2006
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